derek nastase

What I am about…

I am here to help you find freedom.

I want you to be able to see yourself and find your voice.

I will honor all people and I love getting to see you every day.

We will go places that are difficult and trying and we will face them together.

That is okay.

I will stand up for you when I go places that you cannot; I’m determined to earn your trust in those moments.

We live in an abundant world. I promise to share what I can offer with you and I hope you will share with me.

Sometimes it is difficult to recognize that good things can come from terrible circumstances. I am here to listen and encourage. Sometimes I need help receiving help, too. 

Let’s do our best to work together!

Stuff to Read

RE: dad

I really want a dad It is hard to admit but I cried thinking about the substitutes that never cut it the PE coach who said he’d teach me to throw but was too busy the pastor who told me never to become a pastor and was so afraid when I failed to be honest…